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Power Generation

Power Generation

Every developing and under developed country feels the need to develop the power sector so as to achieve the self sufficience and take the country to the zenith in the world economy. Fedders Electric & Engineering Limited is providing a conceivable solution towards power generation and can commission the power generation projects upto 200MW.




Hydro Power Plants on turnkey basis can be commissioned by Fedders Electric with the supply of following equipment:
  • Turbine
  • Penstock Protection Valves
  • Inlet Valves
  • Generator & Excitation System
  • Governing System
  • SCADA & Automation
  • Control & Protection
  • Switchyard including Transformers
  • Mechanical & Electrical Balance of Plant
  • Hydro Mechanical Equipment
  • Kaplan in Vertical (Conventional & Open flume types) - Horizontal ('S'- type, Pit & Bulb type)
  • Francis in Horizontal and Vertical configurations
  • Pelton in Horizontal and Vertical configurations, single / multi jets
  • Valves - Butterfly, Spherical, Annular sleeve, Pressure relief

We offer the entire range of Hydro Power Plant Equipment and Services for Design, Engineering, Supply, Erection, Commissioning and Servicing for all the heads and outputs covering all types of turbines both in horizontal and vertical orientation for new small hydro power projects and renovation, modernization & upgradation of existing installations.


Thermal Power Plants

Fedders Electric is capable of providing Thermal Power Plants having production capacity upto 750MW and supplies the equipment such as Boiler, Steam Turbine and Electric Generators including all the auxiliaries such as Condensers, Deaerator, Monitoring & Alarm System, Ash Collection & Disposal System, Economizer, Cooling Towers, etc.


Gas Based Power Plants

Fedders Electric setting up Natural Gas Fired Power Plants upto 500MW in the regions where Natural Gas could be utilized as a fuel.

Solar Power

For solar energy Fedders Electric can provide photo voltaic devices (solar cells) and solar power plants and domestic as well as community power systems.


Transmission Lines

Fedders Electric is providing single/double circuit transmission lines upto 800kV as turnkey projects with all the material supplies such as Conductors, Overhead Line Fittings, Cables, Steel Structures, Insulators, etc.


Fedders Electric undertakes the projects of sub-stations on turnkey basis for both indoor/outdoor applications with complete design, engineering upto 400kV for multiple applications such as plant electrification and distribution networks.


SCADA for Sub-stations

Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition Systems for sub-stations are offered by Fedders Electric. Complete Signal Hardware (input & output), Controllers, Networks, User Interface, Communication Equipment, RTU & Software and associated software which are either in close proximity or offsite to ensure a complete automation and management of the sub-station.

Rural Electrification

Complete solutions from design till commissioning to electrifying the rural areas, Fedders Electric provides electricity transmission system upto 33kV and supply the associated equipment such as electric poles (steel, wood, cement), transformers, cables, conductors, overhead line hardware & fittings and structures.


Renewable Sources of Energy

Renewable Energy Sources can be replenished in a short period of time and have proven to be much more economically viable and pollution free state of art in power generation especially in remote areas where it is difficult to stretch the transmission and distribution of power from main grid.

Diesel Generators

Fedders Electric supplies Power Generation Plants by Diesel Generators using diesel as a fuel upto 200MW capacity for power back up and captive power arrangements in various industrial segments. Generators are supplied of both type – regular and silent with all the accessories such as control panels, acoustic enclosures and synchronizing systems.


Wind Power

Fedders Electric can provide two types of wind machines (turbines) which are horizontal access and vertical access wind machines. We can also provide small turbines for a single home or a business upto 100kW as well as commercially sized turbines to produce electricity upto 5MW. This also allows to create wind forms which could be attached with the national electric grid.


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