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Average Pressure Drop of ATU Components

Buckhead lamp as standard
Buckhead lamp as standard
Inspection window as standard
Inspection window as standard
Limit Switch
Limit Switch
   The Accessories & Options
Lamp switch as option
Variable frequency drive with bypass arrangement
Contoured / G.I. / Pre Coated aluminium roof for outdoor application.
Intake louvre with bird screen for fresh air intake.
Outlet cowl with bird screen for exhaust unit.
Fire retardent flexible joints for Inlet & outlet of the unit.
Sound attenuation section for low noise applications.
Humidification section with wet deck 100 mm or 200 mm / spray type with inlet vanes & mist eliminator / steam humidifier & pan type humidif ier for critical applications.
Face & bypass / bypass damper section.
Drift eliminators in PVC / SS / Aluminium / G.I.
Condensate drain pump for underground installations.
Electric heater section for heating / humidity control.
Cross flow plate type, wheel type heat recovery and heat pipe can be supplied as an integral part of the unit for energy conservation.
EFF-1 Motor
UV Tube
Units with Flat Belt
Units with VFD’s
Micro processor control panel with required field sensors duly wired to the unit.


Pressure Guage
Pressure Guage
Heat Recovery Wheel
Heat Recovery Wheel
   The Safety
Provision for electrically interlocked fan section with access door
VWire guard for fan section
Earthing of fan & motor
The shown pressure drop values are average values. Exact values can be determined with computer selection and type of components used.
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